Chiropractic Adjustment

At Schanuth Family Chiropractic we believe that the best form of treatment for our patients is the Chiropractic Adjustment. Attaining and maintaining proper joint motion by removing subluxations allows the body to heal better from Above-down, inside out. We may also recommend some exercises that strengthen muscles and allow the adjustment to hold better and last longer. 

Area's We


-Full Spinal




Adjusting Techniques

-Diversified Adjustments

-Cox Flexion Distraction



-Instrument Assisted

Our office may be able

to help with the following

-Neck Pain & Whiplash

-Back Pain



-Acid Reflux

-Asthma & Allergies

-Postural Abnormalities


-Shoulder & Knee Pain

-Tingling & Numbness

-Migraines & Headaches


-Ear Infections

                                         -Prenatal Pains                                                                            

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