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Chiropractic care in Council Bluffs IA is the art, science, and philosophy of detecting and removing subluxations (decreased joint motion) in the spine. This allows not only the spine to move properly, leading to improved mobility, decreased pain and improved quality of life but allows the nervous system to function at 100%. We do not add or take anything away from the body, we only allow it to function at a higher level so it can heal itself from Above-Down, Inside-Out.

Why Healthy Spines Are Important in Council Bluffs IA

We believe that the best form of treatment for our patients is the Chiropractic Adjustment. Attaining and maintaining proper joint motion by removing subluxations allows the body to heal better from Above-down, inside out. We may also recommend some exercises that strengthen muscles and allow the adjustment to hold better and last longer.

Our spine not only protects the spinal cord, it has a direct relation with brain function and the nerves exiting our spine control every cell, tissue and organ of the body. Subluxations can cause pinching of the nerves leading to sciatica type pain and also numbness/tingling and pain radiating down our arms into our hands.

By removing the subluxation, we are restoring joint motion and restoring 100% of nerve flow leading to improved nervous system function. It not only removes pain but also helps the function of the nerves that control organ functions such as digestion. These nerves control organs that we can’t feel like our pancreas, liver, stomach, intestines and even our reproductive organs. If these nerves aren’t functioning at 100%, our organs aren’t.

Chiropractic isn’t just for neck or back pain but is essential to keeping your nervous system healthy, leading to improved health for you and your family. Contact our experienced team today for more information on your chiropractic care!

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