Chiropractic Testimonials

"After a pretty solid car accident, Dr. Schanuth helped put together an amazing care plan and was incredibly gracious, helpful, and generous with his time and knowledge. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my visits over the last few months and am grateful for the treatment provided. Because of my time here, I’m happy to say I am pain-free!"

- T. U.

"Went in for an adjustment and massage. Left feeling great! I definitely recommend and will be returning for future adjustments."

- T. M.

"I had neck pain for months with my left arm going numb and tingling when I drove. With one adjustment, my neck pain was gone and within 3 visits my arm was back to normal!"

- D. G.

"I would recommend Dr. Nate to anyone with back troubles! He is great and super easy to work with!"

- B. R.

"Nate did an awesome job for my wellness adjustment. Very clean and friendly!"

- N. H.

"He is the best my whole family goes!"

- V. V.

"Would highly recommend to anyone."

- M. R.

"I visited Dr. Nate for nagging back pain. Even after a few adjustments, I felt much better! He and his wife are very friendly and accommodating people. I had an emergency a little while back and they were able to get me in the same day for an adjustment to be able to even stand up straight! Great people!"

- A. B.

"I’ve had 3 appointments and two adjustments done for my neck and back pain. Although I have a way to go according to my care plan, So far I’m extremely happy with them. As a busy mom, I love that they’re willing to work with my schedule. It’s a quick in and out with short to no wait time. My questions get answered every time. Wonderful people all around."

- D. W.

"This guy is amazing and I would recommend him to anyone."

- R. R.

"I have not been able to sleep on my back for 15-20 years. After a few adjustments with Dr. Nate, I was finally able to sleep on my back comfortably!"

- T. H.

"Such an amazing atmosphere! I went in with upper back and shoulder pain and within a few adjustments, Dr. Nate was able to help take the pain away! I would recommend him to anyone!"

- T. W.

"I went in to see Dr. Nate after my arms and hands started tingling. After the first Adjustment, the tingling had stopped!"

- S. E.

"I have known Dr. Schanuth for many years. We met during a college internship program at the University of Nebraska. Even as an undergrad, Dr. Schanuth exemplified a caring professional. I would very highly recommend Dr. Schanuth!"

- L. T.

"I had been having major lower back issues. I was not able to walk straight or sit down. The only thing that would help with the pain is laying down. I called Dr. Nate and he told me to come in for an exam. I found out that I had bulged a disc. With in the first 2 weeks, I was able to walk and sit without pain!"

- C. S.

"Went in to see Dr. Nate for chronic migraines. After a couple of months of seeing him, they decreased tremendously!"

- L. D.

"Let's just say I am beyond grateful to have a place I can go with the whole family. Dr. Schanuth and his wife, Chantel, listened, explained, and made the whole paperwork process so easy. I got my adjustment and Chantel was stellar with the kids. Dr. Nate realized and observed my style of parenting and got the cues right. He was super gentle, intuitive and Freya was on my tummy for her comfort and ease.

One of the many things that blew my mind is that my son who reads energy well was eager to try. I was impressed. Whenever I've had questions they are both so open to answering and explaining. A dynamic duo with so much to offer. Enjoying our journey with them both has been a delight."

- I. H.

"Would recommend Dr. Nate to any and everyone. I went for my very first adjustment in January and have been coming back ever since. My kids come once a month to get adjusted as well. Dr. Nate is amazing!"

- A. B.

"I have been getting adjusted for many years at another Chiropractor. I was at the point that I was not happy with the service I was getting and felt like I was just apart of an assembly line. After hearing about Schanuth Family Chiropractic and Dr. Nate I decided to give them a try. I am so glad that I did. Dr. Nate gives each and every one of his patients the time that they deserve. I would recommend this office to anyone who is needing a Chiropractor!"

- J. C.

"Played sports all through school and never went anywhere for the pain. Dr. Nate was recommended to me by a buddy and I finally made an appointment. Dr. Nate went over his plan for me and told me that it wasn’t going to be fixed overnight.

Through the care plan, I started feeling so much better. I now go regularly for maintenance care to keep my body feeling good. The office is always clean, welcoming, and everyone is friendly. Thanks, Dr. Nate and Schanuth Family Chiropractic!"

- J. S.

"After having my third baby, I started to have some back pain. I went to Schanuth Family Chiropractic and Dr. Nate explained my problem areas, we put a game plan together, and now it feels amazing! We also took our youngest in when he was 3-4 months and he loved getting adjusted!!!"

- A. A.

"Just went for the first time. I feel more educated about my neck & spine problems than when I was told by my primary care doctor. Kind, knowledgeable people. I feel relieved, hopeful, and grateful. Looking forward to seeing them again!"

- E. B.

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