I’m Back in the Office in Council Bluffs IA

I'm Back In The Office in Council Bluffs IA

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Read on for a note from our Council Bluffs IA chiropractor.

An announcement in Council Bluffs IA

Hello everyone,

I know I haven't made a blog post in a few weeks but I have a good reason. On February 13th at 1:07pm we welcomed Grayson Curtis Schanuth to the world! Both he and Chantel are doing great. As most of you know, I took some time off to spend with the little guy but I am back in the office now. Chantel and Grayson will be around the office in a few more weeks, or sooner if mom can't stand being home and needs to get out.

With having a child myself now, I can't overstate how important it is to get our children adjusted. I adjusted Grayson when he was a day old and so far, he has had no issues and his nervous system is firing at 100%. He will most likely get adjusted at least once a week for the rest of his life, or my life for sure. It is so important that his nervous system is clear because everything he does within the next few months is all brand new and molding his senses.

I know that when he is adjusted, his body has the best chance to fight off any bacteria or virus. Does this mean that he will never be sick? No, but I know he is more prepared and will be able to fight it off more efficiently if that time comes. I also would like to point out that keeping him adjusted has kept us busy with full diapers.

If you would like to get more information on how adjustments help kids or can help us adults too, please call the office or message us on Facebook. We are offering consultations for anybody that wants to know more or has questions about what we do. It may get busy at times in the office with just myself, but our patients are our priority and we will always get back with you.

As always, have a Well-Adjusted Day!

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