Relief for Sciatica Pain in Council Bluffs IA

Relief for Sciatica Pain in Council Bluffs IA

Chiropractic Council Bluffs IA Sciatica

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Many of our patients come in complaining of Sciatica pain. Many people have sciatica pain but don't know how to treat it. Let's talk about what sciatica is and how chiropractic can help in Council Bluffs IA.

What is Sciatica in Council Bluffs IA

The sciatic nerve roots are located in the lumbar spine and are made from fibers of L4, L5, S1, S2 and S3 nerves. Sciatica pain is simple to diagnose and recognize. It begins with pain in the low back which radiates down the leg and may even go into the foot and toes. Sciatica can be caused by a disc injury or injury to the joints of the spine. It may even be due to muscle tension in the piriformis but this is not as common.

The one thing that is consistent in 100% of sciatica patients is this: there is pressure on the nerve somewhere. This is most common at the joints of the spine. When the joints are injured and don't have the proper motion, the pressure is put on the nerves.

My job as a chiropractor is to find these areas of stress and injury to the joint. I do this by taking a thorough history, physical exam and x-rays. This allows me to know where the injured joints are and restore the motion to them. This relieves pressure on the nerve and alleviates sciatica pain in a short amount of time.

Most patients have significantly decreased pain with only a few adjustments. Having no pain is one goal of care, the main goal is to help heal injured joints so that sciatica does not reoccur. This is why it is important for patients to complete the entire care plan and not only come in when they are in pain. Sciatica may also cause numbness and tingling in the legs. If you or someone you know has issues with sciatica or wants to know how Chiropractic can help, please contact our office. As always, Have a Well-Adjusted Day!

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