Should I Get Adjusted When Pregnant in Council Bluffs IA

Should I Get Adjusted When Pregnant in Council Bluffs IA

Chiropractic Council Bluffs IA Adjustments while Pregnant

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Should I get adjusted when pregnant in Council Bluffs IA? Our office gets this question all the time. The answer is always yes!! Getting adjusted is not only safe, but it can also help with many aspects of pregnancy. With weight gain and the baby growing, your center of gravity and posture go through some major changes. This puts stress on the spine and hips causing pain and dysfunction.

Low Back Pain During Pregnancy in Council Bluffs IA

Most moms experience low back pain during pregnancy. The most common cause is the dysfunction of the Sacral-Iliac joints. This is also a major source of pain and dysfunction after the baby comes. Chiropractic helps maintain proper motion of the joints and reduces pain and improves posture as you progress through your pregnancy.

Pregnancy also causes an imbalance in the pelvic muscles and ligaments which can cause discomfort during pregnancy and birth. Studies have also shown that being adjusted during pregnancy can decrease labor time, pain and medical intervention during the birthing process. Pregnancy adjustments are different from regular adjustments.

I use a pregnancy pillow (Pictured below) which takes the pressure off mom's belly and baby while getting adjusted. The adjustments are less forceful and a drop is used on the low back, requiring less force to make the adjustment. I have adjusted patients up to their due date and the day before they delivered their babies.

Though getting adjusted during pregnancy is important, it may be even more important to get adjusted as soon as possible after giving birth, unless a C-section or other complication arises during birth. The body changed quite a bit over 9 months and in one day goes through a drastic change. It's important to make sure there is no stress on the joints and nerves to ensure mom is feeling and functioning at her best.

Don't forget about baby, they also need to get checked and adjusted as well from the trauma of birth and being cooped up for 9 months in a small living space. Getting adjusted is safe, effective and good for mom and baby. If you have any questions, please give us a call or message us on Facebook. As always, Have a Well-Adjusted Day!

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