Council Bluffs IA Children – Should They Get Adjusted?

Council Bluffs IA Children - Should They Get Adjusted?

Chiropractic Council Bluffs IA Should Children Get Adjusted

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I get this question quite frequently by parents if their kids should get adjusted. The answer is always YES! They may not have the aches and pains that we as adults have developed over years of wear and tear on our spines. They do however have stress put on their spines through learning to walk, run and especially falling off their bikes when learning to ride. With removing the stress on the joints, it also removes pressure on the nerves which help improve the health of the child in Council Bluffs IA.

Adjustments for children in Council Bluffs IA

Adjustments can also help with ear infections and bed wetting. Even babies can and should be adjusted. Birth is a traumatic experience and when forceps or extreme pulling is done that can put a lot of pressure on the nerves of a newborn. They can develop injuries to the brachial plexus nerves leading to Erb's Palsy and Klumke's Palsy. These conditions can be improved with chiropractic care.

Most insurance companies won't pay for care unless there are injuries such as palsy, torticollis or pain that the child describes. Just because the insurance doesn't pay for it doesn't mean that it won't benefit the child. Exercise and physical activity are vital to a healthy kid but insurance won't pay for physical therapy (specific exercise to a specific area) unless the child has a condition.

I like to explain to my patients that adjusting a joint is just like exercising that specific joint. Though it may not be medically necessary because there is no pain or disease, it is still beneficial to the health and wellbeing of the patient. The best way to know if your child needs an adjustment is to bring them in for an exam. Kids love getting adjusted, especially when their parents are as well. Adjusting children is much different than adjusting adults. The technique and amplitude are changed to be gentler. Many adjustments still get cavitation (pop) of the joint but increasing motion and removing stress to the spine and nerves is still the goal of the adjustment.

I myself wish I had been adjusted when I was a young kid and especially when playing sports. My parents and I didn't know the many benefits of chiropractic from pain relief to improved function and health. My goal is to inform parents of the benefits of drugless Chiropractic care compared to medication and surgery. It's important to know all your options and try the least invasive form of treatment first. Remember we treat the cause of the symptoms, not just cover them up. As always, Have a Well-Adjusted Day!

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