What is Chiropractic Care in Council Bluffs IA?

What is Chiropractic Care in Council Bluffs IA?

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Chiropractic care in Council Bluffs IA, simply put, is the philosophy, science, and art of detecting and removing subluxations in the spine. Why do we want to detect and remove these? So that the brain and nervous system can better communicate with every cell, tissue, and organ in the body.

Subluxations in Council Bluffs IA

A subluxation is the lack of motion or improper movement of the joint in the spine. This can cause pain and degeneration at the joint but also interfere with nerve signals from the brain to the body and body to the brain. When we adjust the spine, we are restoring and maintaining motion to the spine to remove this interference in the nerves and actually allows the brain to function better. This allows the brain and body to use 100% of its ability to help us stay healthy, whether that is the immune system fighting infections or helping digestion.

If the brain is able to receive 100% of the input and information that it is able to, the body has a better chance of healing from above down, inside out. Think of how amazing our bodies are. We literally were made from 2 cells that over 9 months grew to over 10 trillion cells with no medication or outside input.

Our bodies are capable of healing almost anything as long as there is no interference in the ability to receive or transmit information. This doesn't mean that chiropractic can cure any disease, but your body has a better chance to be healthy if its nervous system is functioning at 100%.

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