X-Rays: We Don’t Guess About Your Health in Council Bluffs IA

X-Rays: We don't guess about your health in Council Bluffs IA

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At Schanuth Family Chiropractic in Council Bluffs IA, we have about 95% of our patients get x-rays before we adjust. Why? I only use 2 things when determining what areas to adjust my patients: palpation and X-ray. Now with palpation, I can feel the subluxations but usually, there are several in the same area. I use an x-ray to find the most injured joint.

Benefits of X-Rays in Council Bluffs IA

Our goal is to help heal the injured joints by restoring their proper motion and taking pressure off the nerves allowing the nervous system to function at 100%. We also want to rule out any reason not to adjust such as a fracture or bone tumor. A serious condition called an abdominal aortic aneurysm or AAA can present as mild, dull achy low back pain.

X-rays allow us to see if there is some enlargement of the abdominal aorta or if there is a significant buildup of plaque or calcification. We refer to Jennie Edmundson Hospital here in Council Bluffs IA. There are a few reasons why we do this.

First, they have the latest technology in digital x-rays that use less radiation and are safer for patients. You also get the benefit of two sets of trained eyes going over your x-rays, myself self and the radiologist at Jennie so nothing is missed.

It also lets our patients know that we aren't just making them get x-rays to collect more money. We get no financial benefit from the hospital taking x-rays, the hospital handles all billing and prices. The bottom line is that to not see is to guess and at Schanuth Family Chiropractic, we refuse to guess about your health. Have a well-adjusted day!

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